Crazy Hat Bingo - 2010

The High Falls Civic Association Annual Crazy Hat Bingo Party 2010

A huge crowd turned out for the 2010 Crazy Hat Bingo Party on March 27th at the Marbletown Community Center in Stone Ridge. This annual event featured a variety of Bingo games as well as the famous Crazy Hat Promenade and Contest. Participants also enjoyed a delicious repast prepared by the Depuy Canal House - Chefs on Fire, the High Falls Cafe, the Northern Spy, and the Tapp Inn. Members and friends contributed homemade goodies and sweet treats to complete the meal. Our host for the evening was Jay Blotcher. Civic Association president Stephen Gilman, assisted by Vice President, Bill Bannan, called the numbers for a variety of Bingo games, which ranged from the basic pattern to our own special "High Falls" pattern.

bill bannon - jay blotcher - stephen gilman

Bill Bannan, Jay Blotcher, & Stephen Gilman

Polly Pen

Polly Pen

Jacinta Bunnell

Jacinta Bunnell

Deborah Schneer

Deborah Schneer

Celebrity judges for the evening included Obie-award-winning composer and Broadway actress Polly Pen, artist-activist Jacinta Bunnell, and Ulster County Judge Deborah Schneer.

The winners of the 2010 Crazy Hat Contest are: Beth High Falls theme; Bill Bicknese...Most Humorous; Colleen Bicknese...Most Environmentally Friendly; Aaron & Ingrid Burke...Best Couple; Nicole Fentchell Hewitt...Judge's Choice, and Yvette Lee...Most Stylish. All photos of the judges and hat contest winners are provided courtesy of Kelly Merchant aside from that of Jacinta Bunnell which is courtesy of Betty Greenwald. Click on each to see complete photo. See more Bingo photos by Kelly Merchant.

winner - Best High Falls Theme

Best High Falls Theme
Beth Rose

winner - Most Humorous

Most Humorous
Bill Bicknese

winner - Most Environmentally Friendly

Most Environmentally Friendly
Colleen Bicknese

winner - Best Couple

Best Couple
Aaron & Ingrid Burke

winner - Judge's Choice

Judge's Choice
Nicole Fentchell Hewitt

winner - Most Stylish

Most Stylish
Yvette Lee

Many thanks to our generous gift donors...Green Cottage, High Falls Mercantile, Jamie Midgely Photography, Kelly Merchant Photography, Last Bite, Linger/Lounge, Mohonk Mountain House, Nectar, Purple Barn, Spruce, Stone Ridge Wine & Spirits, The Egg's Nest, Val Wells Hand Bookbinding, and Westcote Bell Pottery.

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